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The Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009


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Active Travel

Employees / workplace, Community, Families / residential, Individuals, Town centres / Urban, Pupils & students / education, Leisure & recreation / tourism, Countryside / Rural

Sets targets for energy efficiency, energy generation, land use and transport.
Supported by the Climate Change Plan (RPP3: 2018-2032). This details progress to date, key behaviour areas for achieving change , and policies and proposals for action, including active travel.

Key statistics

of all journeys in 2017 had walking as the main mode of travel (SHS 2017)
The Climate Change (Scotland) Act passed by the Scottish Parliament in 2009 helped to establish Scotland as a world-leader in tackling climate change.  Since then, Scotland has made sustained progress against the ambitious targets set under the Act.  Scottish Greenhouse Gas Emissions statistics are published annually and an annual target report setting out whether each annual target has been met is laid in the Scottish Parliament.  The independent Committee on Climate Change also produces an annual progress report on reducing emissions in Scotland. 

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